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Executive and One to One Coaching

"Coaching" - A collaborative relationship between a coach and an individual that enables the individual to: set goals and reach them in a shorter period of time, achieve more than they might do on their own, focus in a clearer way, achieve a more balanced life, enjoy life more.

Coaching concentrates on you and is personalised to assist you to identify, clarify and achieve your goals. Coaching is a proactive relationship, focusing on what's best for you.

The benefits of Coaching to you and your organisation:

Fulfillment and happiness comes from setting and reaching goals that "you" want.

"You could spend your life planning for success or you can arrange the support you need to actually become successful"

How could it work for you?

Following an initial meeting measurable goals are agreed up-front. Emphasis at this stage is placed on action planning and on achieving measurable results linked to your business objectives.

Once the initial meeting is clearly completed and agreed, the second phase begins. This phase consists of regular coaching meetings to put into action the work agreed upon in the initial meeting. These meetings can be conducted face to face or by phone. Phone coaching can be used to accommodate busy schedules and business travel commitments. During this phase we will continue to evolve and refine the goals and plan as we move into action.

Together we can discuss your needs and how coaching could address them. We would be happy to pilot a program in your organisation to demonstrate the benefits of coaching to the organisation and you.

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